Monday, 3 September 2012

Spotlight on Distraction by JL Campbell

Hello readers. I'm pleased to welcome the lovely J.L. Campbell to my blog today as part of her Friendship is Forever VBT. Please leave her a comment to make her feel welcome. You can also download FREE copies of her books for a limited period. Over to you, Joy.

As a writer, I view storytelling as an adventure. In crafting a story, I know what’s supposed to happen at the start, where I want to be at the end, but not every plot point in the middle. The complications add up once the story gets rolling and I hit my stride.

I wasn’t sure what Distraction was supposed to be when I started writing it. I knew there was a love story surrounding the main character. Some romance was thrown in too, but things got sticky when the relationships grew more complex and the characters kept landing in trouble.

The novel explores the lives of three Jamaican females who are tied together by a strong friendship and the men in their lives. They go through some harrowing experiences that leave them reeling, but that much stronger.

In A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Steps to Distraction you’ll meet Dionne, Kyra and Justine a year before Distraction takes place. I hope you’ll enjoy this taste of friendship and things Jamaican. Download your complimentary copy from Smashwords.

Distraction can be downloaded free from Amazon today. At the end of this Friendship tour, there’ll be a main prize of a Distraction note pad & pen and a $10 Amazon gift card. The second prize is a paperback copy of Distraction. Sign up for that at the Rafflecopter here.

Kiru, many thanks for hosting me.

J.L. Campbell is a proud Jamaican and the author of Contraband, Distraction, Dissolution, Don’t Get Mad…Get Even, Giving up the Dream and Hardware (pen name Jayda McTyson). Campbell is always on the lookout for story making material, loves company and can usually be found lollygagging on her blog at http://thecharacterdepot.